Soul Care University; Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

Chonteau's individual sessions vary per the needs of her clients.

Please reach out to Chonteau via phone, 407-342-3912 to learn more and schedule a brief consultation to determine how she can assist you.


Flower Hour Consultation

This session offers general guidance and support for someone who would like to use nutritive herbs & flower remedies for supporting their wellbeing. General health coaching is provided.



Intuitive Reading/Consultation

We will provide insight and support into one's life direction and focus on the blocks and barriers that are interfering with one's movement forward. Chonteau uses various oracle cards to support this sessions



Private Meditation Sessions

Learn the power of a meditative practice through personalized instruction. The session will offer techniques to find inner stillness and help one to establish a routine for peace, balance and harmony.



Intuitive Life Coaching

Generally multiple sessions, Life coaching focuses on supporting clients who are moving through major life transitions. The emphasis is to develop healthier coping skills by exploring one's archetpes and build spiritual tools.